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Voyage data recorder (VDR)

Voyage data recorder, VDR, er et dataregistreringssystem designet for alle fartøyer som er nødvendige i henhold til IMOs internasjonale  SOLAS-krav for å samle inn data fra forskjellige sensorer om bord på fartøyet.

Hovedformålet med en reisedataskriver (VDR) eller en forenklet reisedataskriver (S-VDR) er å opprettholde et lager av informasjon, i en sikker og gjenfinnbar form, om posisjon, bevegelse, fysisk status, kommando og kontroll av et fartøy i perioden frem til og etter en hendelse.

Fartøy på havnen


A Voyage Data Recorded (VDR) is similar to the black boxes carried on aircraft. The VR-7000 aids investigators in securing evidence by reviewing procedures and instructions in the moments before an accident. The VR-7000 collects data from all interfaced sensors on board the vessel, storing it in an external Data Recording Unit (DRU). The system comes with two tamperproof DRU units, one fixed and one float-free. They are designed to withstand the extreme impact, pressure, shock and heat, which may happen during an incident.


  • Complies with the new IMO performance standards for VDR

  • Easy to integrate with FURUNO INS Network

  •  Video LAN converter can convert the Radar signal (DVI or RGB) into Ethernet

  •  Optional sensor adapter gathers all the serial/analog/digital sensor data and collectively feeds it to DCU

  •  “Live Player V5” for monitoring and playback of the collected data in the DCU on the PC

  •  Extracted the data can be retrieved onto the USB flash memory


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In line with the revised Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) performance standards which came into force on 1 July
2014, JRC welcomes or as we say in Japan, yōkoso, to our fourth generation VDR model, the JCY-1900. Having
been involved in VDR development from the very beginning in 2001, this latest revision in the performance
standards has allowed JRC to re-think, develop and design its latest model with the standard attention to detail
for performance, reliability and long term competitive cost of ownership.

JRC's two models are JCY-1900 and JCY-1950 (Simplified VDR)

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